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Elixir of Youth Serum

Growing up on rich and wholesome stories about the beauty of the Mediterranean, I was instantly transported on a journey through wild terrains, fragrant villages, lush mountain ranges and glistening blue sea. This is where the story begins. 

The Elixir of Youth Serum, born on stories and history, bridged together by modern science, created a rich and nourishing masterpiece. As far as I can remember, our humble kitchen was filled with fresh herbs, oils and produce. The burning of frankincense coupled with the freshness of greenery at my grandparents’ home always captured my senses. 

My grandmother, who was a dressmaker, would often exchange recipes and ideas with her clients about home remedies for the perfect complexion. I was always in awe of my grandmothers’ skin, which was directly attributed to her natural herbal potions.  It was at this time I realized that my grandmother had discovered the fountain of youth. This was my main inspiration for the creation of the Elixir of Youth Serum. It became my ambition to capture the essence of youthful skin by using the most pure and potent of ingredients to create a product that delivers.

Having worked in the skin care industry, I was exposed to the therapeutic nature of essential oils and raw ingredients and their powerful effect. In time this exposure led to me formulating my own recipes and refining my craft, whilst paying homage to my roots. 

Creating a serum that worked in synergy with the skins natural matrix, whilst honing in on natures gifts became the driving force for the perfect product. With the addition of active ingredients, this enhanced the natural properties of the product creating a powerful Elixir of Youth Serum.

The magic behind the Elixir of Youth Serum is the delicate balance created between the old and modern world. Pure essential oils play an important part in skin care. I chose Frankincense and Rosewood for their natural anti- wrinkle, anti- inflammatory and healing properties. Choosing the right oils for the skin is very important. The Elixir of Youth Serum contains oils such a Grapeseed, Rice Bran, Organic Rosehip and Jojoba as well as Camellia Seed as they work well together promoting optimum hydration and skin resurfacing. With added extract of Sage and Vitamin A, the skin begins to look younger and firmer, whilst pigmentation and problematic skin begin to heal.

From nature to skin, The Elixir of Youth Serum is what we have all been looking for… the fountain of youth!